OPEN THREAD: Who Is Confused?

Join our discussion on Monday on the topic of the confusion women face in navigating sexual identity. Where are the boundaries? What are the signals and cues? Are you imagining it? With so many women coming out later in life, or experimenting, no wonder there are so many missed signals and so much confusion!

Amy will answer your questions about this week’s story, Who Is Confused?, during the day. Please share your stories and experiences! Also, let Amy know what other issues and topics you would like covered.

This is a safe space for open discussion, but since the thread is open to the public, please consider using a pen name if you plan to share any private details.

Finally, our working Straight to Gay dictionary of phrases:

  • catalyst girlfriend: a LGBTQ woman who becomes the catalyst or impetus for a formerly straight women to experiment or come out as gay

  • gateway girl - being the first sexual experience for another woman

  • career lesbian - a lesbian who has only ever dated women

Do you have any phrases to add?

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