OPEN THREAD: Reader Feedback (and Sex Toys)

Welcome to this week’s open thread. So many of you have contacted me with your questions or experiences. In this open thread, let’s have a dialogue! Please leave your suggestions on topics you would like to see addressed in future stories, or comments on this week’s story, Strap It On!

In addition to being the #1 newsletter for LGBTQ and Women categories, I am incredibly grateful for how the Straight to Gay podcast has taken off! Who knew? I am hoping to use the podcast not only to share my stories, but also as a way to invite others to share their experiences and join our discussion. Please leave a comment with your suggestions for guests you would be interested in hearing from in future podcasts.

As always, if you are leaving something private as a comment, please consider using a pen name. I will be stopping by to respond to your questions and comments.

Again, thank you all for being on this journey with me!

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